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Hello BookBuzzrs!

Wish you all a wonderful 2011. May the coming months be filled with much book-marketing success, blockbuster sales and plenty of buzz for your books.

Last month, we announced the lucky winner of the iPad giveaway contest on Freado. Her name is Sukhpreet Kaur and she is from California. Commenting on her surprise victory, Sukhpreet said, "Thank You!!!! I'm so excited to get the I-pad. I love the game because it's so simple and I can win the books that I love. Also, the game requires memory skills; after a while, I'm competing with myself to get a better score and am motivated by the cheers in the background when I receive my score." We thank all the participants who participated in the drawing. We also thank participating BookBuzzr Author Pro authors who have made this grand prize giveaway possible.

This month, we're pleased to announce several new features and initiatives. They include:

Free Webinars for Book Marketing on Facebook
As you probably know by now, we've launched an exciting new online education initiative to help authors navigate through the swirling and rapidly changing waters of book marketing using new technologies. Christened the BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Center (or BBMTC for short), this initiative focuses on one technology each month and features blog posts and webinars from experts. This month is Facebook month. And we've been running a series of articles on our blog related to Facebook. Two recent ones that you may find useful include an article that provides step by step instructions on how to setup your Facebook Public Profile and another one that describes how authors can use Facebook for their book marketing . We're also pleased to let you know about two free webinars which feature some of the biggest names in book marketing including Dana Lynn Smith, Gary Smailes, Teresa Morrow, Phyllis Zimbler Miller and Penny Sansevieri. These two webinars are being held on the 19th and 26th of January at 8:00 PM EST and you can attend both the webinars from the comfort of your own home. We urge you to register for these webinars at the earliest as space is limited. To register, please go to the BBMTC webinar schedule, choose which webinar you want to attend and click on "Register for the webinar now!"

New BookBuzzr Book Giveaway Badges
If you are a BookBuzzr Author Pro subscriber and are participating in the book giveaways on to promote your book, you can now get some neat looking badges customized for your book. You can put up these badges on your Facebook profile, website or blog. They draw your visitors attention to the fact that you're giving away a copy of your book and increase interest in your book. To get your badge, simply login to your BookBuzzr account, go to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home and click on BookBuzzr Book Giveaway. Then choose the badge you want, copy-paste the code wherever you want it to show up and you're done! A special thanks to Neil M Campbell author of 'The Advent Of Lena, A Tale Of Beauty And The Beast' for this suggestion. Click here for step by step instructions or check out the BookBuzzr Give away badge shared on author Patricia Rockwell's blog.

Announcing the Challenge Feature Inside CoverMatcher
We're now pleased to inform you of the launch of the new version of CoverMatcher on with deeper integration to Facebook to aid in your book marketing. This version features a "Challenge" feature which enables you to send out a challenge to your Facebook friends. When you send out a challenge to a friend, you and your friend each get 100 points if your friend accepts your challenge. Most exciting of all, the winner of a challenge game gets to keep the points earned by the other player in that particular game. Try it now

Our testing shows that the new version is thrilling, addictive and fun. And it has the potential for you to connect with your book-loving friends in a whole new way. To get started, simply go to, sign-in with your Facebook account and play!

Coming Soon - Freado's Hangman Game for Book Lovers
You've probably played Hangman at least once in your life. Hangman is a paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players. One player thinks of a word and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters. We're soon releasing a variation of this highly popular game on Freado in the next few weeks. This game allows BookBuzzr Author Pro authors to create different hangman games that reference their book and to put up the Hangman game widget on their own blogs, Facebook pages and websites. For example, let's say you are the author of Harry Potter, you can create a game centered around the characters or around concepts in the book (Question: "What's the sport played at Hogwarts?" Answer: "Qu_dd_tch")

Win a Kindle for Easter
We're also giving away a free Kindle for Easter (April 24th.) So brush up those grey cells in your brain and play the CoverMatcher (and Hangman) games on Freado. You could walk away with more than just an egg this Easter!

Indie Authors and Foreign Rights Offerings
Last month, we were delighted to know from Shelley Stout , one of our BookBuzzr Author Pro authors, that she has been contacted by foreign rights agents regarding her two novels. Shelley Stout is the author of 'Radium Halos' and 'Celebrities For Breakfast'. We wish her all the very best. But this also got us thinking ... Is it easy for Indie Authors to get foreign rights offers for their books?

Do you know of other authors who've won foreign rights offers? Have you won any such foreign rights offers? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section of this blog entry.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now let's move onto the announcement of this month's top BookBuzzr books. Congratulations to the winners.

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