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Hope you're back at work and ready to take your book to new heights this year. The BookBuzzr team wants to help you achieve your book promotion goals through the power of technology. Keeping this mission in mind, we have, over the last 2 years developed several book marketing technologies which many of you are aware of. Our latest book promotion technology is QuickQuiz which allows you to rapidly create fun quizzes to promote your book on Facebook, your blog and your website. Stay tuned for another exciting book promotion technology which we will release in the next few weeks.

Kindle Direct Publishing: The KDP Select Program from Amazon
KDP Select is a new option that features a $6 million annual fund dedicated to independent authors and publishers. If you choose to make a book exclusive to the Kindle Store for at least 90 days, the book is eligible to be included in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library and you can earn a share of the fund based on how frequently the book is borrowed. In addition, by choosing KDP Select, you will have access to a new set of promotional tools, starting with the option to offer enrolled books free to readers for up to 5 days every 90 days. Authors and publishers can enroll a single title, their whole catalog or anything in between within KDP Select. For more details, please visit the blog post by BookBuzzr Author Pro subscriber Michelle Hughes at Kindle Direct Publishing: The KDP Select Program from Amazon.

What Readers are Saying About Freado (On Which Your Book is Also Promoted)
  • "I love FREADO because It's FUN, and win the desired books you'd like to have...I'm a book lover and this is my first time I'd won this book: "Still a Young Man: Darcy Is in Love."Good luck to all! Have fun playing and winning cool prizes!"
    Hill Cyril Sale - Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Still a Young Man: Darcy Is In Love by P O Dixon

  • "I love the games. Even better is the chance to win amazing prizes and find books I haven't seen elsewhere."
    CJ Lee - Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Purple Knot by Raquel Byrnes

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