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This month we are delighted to share the experiences of two authors who have created hangman word games to promote their books.

The first author is Jillian Brookes-Ward who, when asked to comment on her experience in creating the game says, "The hardest part was deciding on the theme. Once I had that in mind and managed to find the 10 references it was very easy to do and great fun." Click here to read the full interview and gain more insight into promoting your own book.

The second author is Ayani Meli who says, "It was very easy to create the game. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I had so much fun pulling ideas out of the book to incorporate into the game. I plan to create a few more games eventually." Click here to read the full interview and see the actual word game in action.

We're also pleased to make several new releases to the BookBuzzr book marketing technology line-up. But before that, we'd like to tell you about a secret way to market your book by doing just this one thing.

Turbo Charge Your Book Marketing By Doing Just This One Thing
As you may know, a few weeks ago, author Chetan Dhruve created a new page on his website and called it "Fun Stuff." On this page, he put up a few hangman games that he'd created using the BookBuzzr Hangman Word Game Technology. These games were relevant to the theme of his book and included titles such as "Colorful Names for Bosses" and "Famous Whistleblowers". The results were astounding:

  • Fun Stuff quickly became the most visited page on Chetan's author site (going even ahead of the popular "Story Behind the Book" section on his site).
  • Most of the people who visited the page played at least one of the games.
  • All of the people who saw the game from the game now know what Chetan's book is all about.

The takeaway?
If you can do just one thing to turbocharge your book marketing, create a 'Fun Stuff' section on your primary communication platform. This could be your blog, your Facebook fan page or your author website. On this section put up lighthearted content (such as games, cartoons, pictures or videos) that are relevant to your book. This will ensure that the time spent on your site increases.

Why is this?
The human mind is conditioned to seek out fun experiences. And when you put up a section that promises a little lighthearted entertainment it makes it quite irresistible for your readers to click on.

Try it today. Put up a 'Fun Stuff' section on your site. On this fun stuff section add in a few hangman word games centered around your book using BookBuzzr's Hangman Word Game technology.

Announcing the BookBuzzr Library
Imagine an online place where you can access an ever growing library of extremely useful content that is related to book marketing technologies. At BookBuzzr we've made this vision into reality. If you are a BookBuzzr Author Pro subscriber, you will now be able to access all of the past webinars being held under the banner of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Center. Content currently available for download and enjoyment on your iPods include 'Marketing your Book on Twitter - An Online Round Table', 'Using Twitter to Market your Book - An Online Round Table', 'Facebook Fundamentals: An Online Round Table With Leading Book Marketing Experts', "Facebook Essentials for Authors".

Display of Book Graphs are now Optional on Freado
Based on feedback from authors, we've now made the book graphs on Freado optional. These are the graphs that show the number of widget views and full screen views for your book. To turn it on or off, you can simply sign-in to BookBuzzr, edit your book profile details and turn off the graphs for your book.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of February 2011.

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