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This month has been one of our best months ever. We learnt that one of our BookBuzzr Author Pro authors - Ellen Maze has become a best selling author on Kindle. We've also received so many kind words of praise and encouragement from authors and book lovers from around the world that we're kinda giddy!.

"Your site is so fantastic that I simply can't use it for free. So I'll be signing up" - by Charles Faraone (Publisher)

Thank you for the report! I am very pleased with the number of views and memorizations. I like what you do. - by Janet Nestor(BookBuzzr Author Pro - Author)

"Just wanted to say a BIG Thank You to fReado for the wonderful service. I enjoy playing CoverMatcher & the quizzes on Facebook. I have already recommended this site to a bunch of my friends and I am also planning to purchase books as well. Keep up the great job guys" - Samora Rhule Book Lover and Winner of the Best Selling Book - Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities by Elizabeth Edwards.

This has been such a wonderful experience and boost for my books! The newsletters, articles and continuing information is fabulous. - Regan Black (BookBuzzr Author Pro - Author).

How to Become a Bestselling Kindle Book on Amazon
As mentioned earlier, we're thrilled that one of our BookBuzzr Author Pro authors - Ellen Maze has become a best selling author on Kindle. Her book - 'Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider' has hit the number 1 spot on Amazon in 3 categories! Of course, we don't claim credit for it ... but it just feels nice to be a small part of such a huge success story. Ellen was kind enough to participate in a long interview in which she discusses the book marketing tactics that have taken her to the top of the rankings. In this interview, you'll get many answers to questions such as,

- "Is Twitter a complete waste of time?"
- "How to price a Kindle book?"
- "Why you should set up multiple websites for your books".

Click here to read the full interview on the BookBuzzr Blog. It's absolutely worth your time.

How to Market Your Book with Freado's Hangman Word Game
We're also pleased to let you know that we've now developed a new kind of book marketing technology that allows you to market your book with word games. The game itself is based on the popular 'Hangman.' But the twist lies in the fact that you can create games that feature words related to your book. For example, if you've written a romance book, you can create a game that asks readers to guess the names of the ten most romantic movies in the world. Or if you've written a book on vampires, you can ask readers to guess the names of popular vampire movies . You can also put up the game on your own website or blog. Click here to see an example of how author Chetan Dhruve is using this game to promote his book. A further twist in Freado's Hangman game is that players can also create their own hangman games. So go ahead and start creating games. BookBuzzr Author Pro subscribers can choose the games inside which their books need to show up as ads. So if you're a BookBuzzr Author Pro subscriber, we urge you to not only create your own games but also select the games inside which you'd like to see your book cover show up. Click here to learn more Or read the Freado Hangman FAQ.

Announcing a New, Improved Facebook Book Widget
Some of you have mentioned that your widgets don't show up nice and sharp on your Facebook Fan pages. We've now fixed this problem and you should see a really clear and precise book cover show up on top of your BookBuzzr widget inside the Facebook environment. If you had previously added your BookBuzzr widget to your Facebook fan page, you'll need to replace that code with the new embed code available inside your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page.

How to Market Your Book With Blurbs
As an author getting blurbs (aka testimonials and praise) from other authors is crucial to the success of your book. We're working on some new technology to help BookBuzzr authors network with other authors with the objective of getting blurbs for their book. We've put up our vision for this technology (which is referred to as BookBuzzr's Blurb Building Technology) on this blog post. We request you to provide feedback on this technology which is under development. Any good ideas will be acknowledged gratefully and will also be eligible for a free 3 month gift coupon towards a new BookBuzzr Author Pro account.

Upcoming Webinars from BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Center
The first two webinars that we had were resounding successes. This month, we're featuring two more free webinars on the topic of marketing your book on Twitter. Please click here to register for webinars. If you are a BookBuzzr Author Pro author you will be able to access the recordings of these webinars through your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page soon.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of January 2011.

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