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This month author Sarah Ako Myers delighted us when she wrote in with the message, "As an author, provides me with a unique and innovative marketing platform to reach my target audience. As a booklover, playing to win free books totally rocks!" You can download Sarah's Kindle book at no cost.

And the BookBuzzr team was practically doing somersaults when we saw author Emily Hill's tweet "EmilyHill_Indie @BookBuzzr Freya! Love how#Bookbuzzr quizzes make my books interesting and fun! I made $900 on eBook sales last month! THREE Best Sellers!" Congrats Emily!

Moving on to our feature article ...

Why the Amazon KDP Select DOES NOT Affect BookBuzzr Authors
You probably know that the KDP Select program from Amazon has taken the publishing world by storm. A few BookBuzzr authors have written to ask whether it is ok to use BookBuzzr technologies (particularly excerpts) to market their books enrolled in the KDP Select program. We spent considerable time researching the issue and have arrived at the conclusion that it is perfectly fine to use BookBuzzr technologies. Further, an author has been advised by Amazon support that offering excerpts is allowed. This blog post provides a detailed analysis of the issue.

Innovative Use of QuickQuiz Widgets on a Blog Tour
Author C Kay Brooks is using BookBuzzr's QuickQuiz widget on her blog tour starting Feb 17th. Follow the blog tour to possibly win a free iPad. And do play her QuickQuiz on Mono County to understand how she is using the QuickQuiz technology to promote her book.

Brainstorming Help for QuickQuiz
We're also pleased to introduce a new BookBuzzr team member - Teena who is our designated QuickQuiz manager is available to help you with your QuickQuiz questions. She is also available to help brainstorm with you on the quizzes that you can create to market your book more effectively. To interact with Teena, simply log in to the BookBuzzr Author forum and ask your questions on the QuickQuiz Ideas board.

Win $5 Amazon gift certificate in 30 Seconds or Less
Based on popular demand on Freado's facebook page, we've reintroduced the daily $5 Amazon gift certificates. All you need to do to win the certificate is to go to and score the highest score of the day in the highly addictive CoverMatcher game. Try it now. You could land up winning in less than 30 seconds. As an added bonus, you get an excellent workout for your memory while discovering new books from your fellow authors :)

Now BookBuzzr Subscriptions Have Been Made More Affordable!
You asked and we listened. Based on feedback from authors, we've introduced a new, affordable pricing plan for a BookBuzzr DIY Pro account. If you've not yet signed up, do give it a whirl. The first month is free and you can cancel at any time. Please note that these new plans do not offer advertising inside the CoverMatcher games, on and on the BookBuzzr blog. If you are looking for advertising on these platforms, contact us by sending a reply email.

Six Week Online Self-Publishing Course by Jones and Eckstein
Long time BookBuzzr supporters Jen Jones and Kristen Eckstein are running a six week self-publishing boot camp starting Feb. 13. Click here to learn more and sign-up.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of January 2012.

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