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Boost Your Kindle Book Promotion - Special Offer

Doing a Kindle free day is a great way to increase the number of downloads and reviews for your book on Amazon. However, with the intense competition (there are over 3,000 free Kindle books available on Amazon at any time), it is hard to stand out and catch the eye of readers. One way of ensuring that your Kindle free day succeeds is to inform all of the ebook sites (such as E-Reader News Today and Pixel of Ink) about your free day. The challenge is that it is time consuming to do this since there are at least 50 reader sites and reader groups that you need to inform about your free day.

BookBuzzr is building a new technology for authors to help them promote their Kindle free days promotion. We've experimented with author and book marketing pioneer Phyllis Zimbler's book for her recent KDP promotion and the results have been quite encouraging. Learn more about Phyllis' experience with her KDP free days promotion by reading her latest blog post - After Action Report for CIA FALL GUY Free Day on Kindle.

If you are interested in working with us on your free days promotion at a very special price, please contact us by responding to this email.

BookBuzzr Featured in a New Book About Book Marketing

In our line of work, there are good weeks and there are great weeks. Last week was a shade better than great when we discovered that BookBuzzr had been featured in a book about book marketing and promotion. Here is what author Bruce Goldwell - a veteran of the publishing business - says about BookBuzzr in the book, "The resource I found that has a book flipper is called BookBuzzr. Authors create an account just like they do on Facebook and other communities. However, authors can add their books along with book information, a YouTube book trailer and links to where readers can go to buy the book. It is the most flexible site for authors I have seen and has the qualities of what I was looking for as a place where I can expose my book so as to make a lasting impression on visitors." Click here to view the book on Amazon.

Win Hundreds of Romance Books in the Valentine's Festival on Freado

This February we're celebrating the Valentine's Festival on Freado. There are hundreds of free books to be won including best sellers such as Fifty Shades (E.L. James), Every Night Forever (R.E. Butler), The Edge of Never (J.A. Redmerski) and Perfect Game (J. Sterling). Click here to participate and win. If you are a BookBuzzr subscribed author in the Romance or Young Adult categories, your book giveaway will automatically become available to participants of the festival.

Coming Soon - A Slicker, More Elegant Book Sampler Widget

The BookBuzzr Book Sampler and Widget has been, by far, the favorite product among authors. Based on extensive research, we're now releasing a new book sampler with an improved look and feel and an interface that is far more easy and intuitive to use. The new sampler will automatically roll out for all authors and will include links to your Amazon pages as well as your GoodReads profiles. If you are a subscribing 'pro' author, the sampler will also become available on your Facebook 'Read My Book' widget automatically. Stay tuned!

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of January 2013.

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