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Create Stunning Book Previews for Your Book with the New BookBuzzr Flipper

The BookBuzzr Flipper has been an essential tool for over 11,000 authors. Last July, with the release of the iPhone compatible Flipper we had made book excerpts of our authors accessible to a whole new class of users. Today, we're pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Flipper where the pages rendered to readers are sharper and crisper regardless of zoom level.

If you're an existing author, you don't need to do anything. Just take a look at your own book in the BookBuzzr Flipper and give us your feedback. If you're an author thinking about using the BookBuzzr Flipper, here's another reason for you to do so now!

If you have any questions or comments, please reply back to this email, check out the related blog post or catch us on Twitter.

Now Get a Best Seller Of Your Choice with the New CoverMatcher

CoverMatcher is a simple game of matching book covers and has found a loyal following among book reviewers and bloggers. To date, the game has been played 835,201 times by avid readers.

Based on the feedback that power readers and authors like you have provided, we've taken CoverMatcher to a whole new level of awesome. You can now win, not just the best-seller that we list on the page, but also use the nifty search feature to hunt through Amazon's book lists and select a book of your choice.

In case you've been busy with a book project and don't know what CoverMatcher is, here's the elevator pitch:

CoverMatcher is a game where you can win a hard copy of your favorite best seller (priced $15 or less) by simply matching the most number of book covers in a day. We show the books of our participating authors in the game. The game is a form of advertising for them. As you play the game, you land up discovering new books. It's a win for you. A win for our authors. And a win for us. Even if you don't win the contest of the day, you will still enjoy the mental exercise and potential exposure to your next great read. Try it.

Book Review - The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

Book bloggers and reviewers help sell more books. There is no question about it.

I've heard one author remark that when the book is first released, a single review is equal to at least 10 sales.

At BookBuzzr, we believe in this so strongly that we've spent considerable resources creating Freado - a website exclusively for book bloggers and reviewers. And we connect with the most influential book bloggers out there with our "Life of a Book Blogger" series on the Freado blog. Read More ...

What readers are saying about Freado (on which your book is also promoted)

"I have been cover matching on Freado for years and there is no other website I enjoy going to more for a relaxing, worthwhile time discovering new books and winning free books"
- Angela Huang

"Its a place where you can easily win books by just playing games. There should be more website like freado!"
- Sood Kaosar

"You get a chance to see new books plus a chance to get new books. I enjoy this"
- Tammie Turney

"As a reader and aspiring Author I love this website. It's such a great avenue to help readers and authors connect and promote something they both are passionate about. I also love how Freado does the giveaways. It seems more fun and not just entering some info and being done. I am really glad I discovered this website as a book blogger!"
- Amanda Hendricks

"I read anything I can get my hands on and with Freado, I can get the books I want and give a review that is appreciated."
- Allana Kellett

"I'm new to Freado, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I love to read and really appreciate having the exposure to authors that I wouldn't necessarily run across otherwise."
- Norma Dunphy

Freado Brings You Interviews with Amazing Book Bloggers

  1. Life as a Book Blogger with Nicole of Always Reiding
  2. Life as a Book Blogger with Trinity of A Love Affair with Books
  3. Life as a Book Blogger with Desiree of A Love Affair with Books
  4. Life as a Book Blogger with Eric of Just Another Book Guy
  5. Life as a Book Blogger with Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness
  6. Life as a Book Blogger with Christy of Novel Ink
  7. Life as a Book Blogger with Samantha of Literatura Bliss
  8. Life as a Book Blogger with Julia of All About High Heat Romance

BookBuzzr Books Recommended on Freado

The Crisis Before Midlife By Mario D King - Reviewed By Camille Beckford
"Couldn't put it down. Very well written and very relatable relationship topics from a male's point of view. A definite must read..." Read More ...

SEVERED THREADS - Book 1, Threads Series By Kaylin McFarren - Reviewed By Jani Rich
"Prepare for a wild ride in this first installment of the Threads series by Kaylin McFarren! This action packed, fast paced thriller follows the deep sea treasure hunting expedition of Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen. The former lovers, separated after the..." Read More ...

Goddess By Callista Hunter - Reviewed By Neysia Wimmer
"This book was a good! It was a nice quick read and pretty interesting. The plot was pretty normal but the author did a great job on making the world seem believable and put effort into giving reasons for why things were that way. I enjoyed the bit of hist..." Read More ...

Code Human By N J Paige - Reviewed By Neysia Wimmer
"This book is easy to read and quickly paced. It was worth reading and a good story. The world described is interesting but it seems like this book merely skims the top of what could be an amazing world. There was also an element of morality to the book an..." Read More ...

In Mysterious Ways By Venita Louise - Reviewed By Stacie Williams
"I thought this was a cool book. I like books about supernatural things. Its a great book for anyone who likes books about supernatural and crop circles. I could picture every word like a movie while reading..." Read More ...

Hiring Made Easy as PIE By Alonzo Johnson - Reviewed By Stacie Williams
"I thought this was a great book for anyone looking for a job or hiring new employees. Its full of great advice and tips to improve your hiring skills..." Read More ...

The Secret Life of Lucy Bosman By Rebekah Pierce - Reviewed By Neysia Wimmer
"This book was great! I loved reading about Lucy and the men who loved her. I was also really interesting getting a peak into how life was for women in those days. There were some minor spelling issues but they in no way detracted from the amazing story..." Read More ...

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of May 2015.

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