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Welcome to the October edition of the BookBuzzr newsletter. Before we provide you with some important feature updates and announcements, we'd like to share a comment made by Avery Kynn who won the latest grand prize of a Kindle. Here's what she had to say: "Playing CoverMatcher is an excellent way to have some fun and work on my memory skills in between other tasks. The game is easy to learn, and even easier to become addicted to. I appreciate the clear, no-fuss structure of the game and the ability to work towards a goal, a book of my choice, that I gladly want to achieve."

Win an iPad This Christmas
Based on robust participation from both book lovers and authors, we're pleased to announce the Grand Prize for December. It's an iPad! All you need to do is to play the CoverMatcher game, earn the required points and use those points to enter into the lucky drawing. Click here to start playing now. You could be the proud winner of an iPad this Christmas!

A New Technology to Earn Goodwill from Your Readers
As an author you want to build a relationship with your readers. One way to do this is to give your readers something of value when they visit your web page, Facebook page or Twitter page. This could be interesting content, an opportunity to participate in a prize giveaway or something similar.

At BookBuzzr, we've come up with a new technology called 'Goodwill Builder.' The concept works like this: When a visitor comes to your website or blog (or Facebook page), they get to see a message that offers 1,000 free points for use on When the visitor clicks on the message they are taken to Freado where they can register and use those points in bidding for books or for the grand prize (current grand prize is an iPad.) This feature is available only for subscribers of BookBuzzr Author Pro. Click here to learn more about Goodwill Builder and get started.

Announcing a New Improved BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home Page
Do check out your new, improved BookBuzzr book marketing home page. It provides you with an easier way to navigate towards all of the available book promotion technologies being provided by BookBuzzr. Now, you can quickly and easily get your BookBuzzr Widgets, set up your BookBuzzr Book Tweeter or Amazon Alerts or analyze how well your book promotion efforts are working. Simply login to your BookBuzzr account to see your Book Marketing Home Page.

BookBuzzr Games is Now Called BookBuzzr Author Pro
For sometime now, we've been offering a premium version of BookBuzzr wherein you get additional exposure via BookBuzzr Games (i.e. your book appears inside the CoverMatcher game on Now, we've changed the name of the set of premium offerings to BookBuzzr Author Pro. The idea is to keep adding more and more cutting-edge bonus book promotion technologies to the BookBuzzr Author Pro offering (such as Amazon Alerts and Goodwill Builder.)"

Here's what author Chetan Dhruve has to say about his use of BookBuzzr Author Pro - "Recently, I've become very busy with other things and have been unable to promote my book as regularly as I'd like to. I feel guilty for not doing enough to market my book. I rest easy in the knowledge that BookBuzzr Games is constantly doing my marketing for me to a targeted non-fiction audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It continues to do the grunt work of keeping my book before the eyes of readers."

If you have not yet upgraded to BookBuzzr Author Pro, please login to your BookBuzzr account and click on "Subscribe to BookBuzzr Author Pro".

Readers Can Now Explore Your Book from Within the CoverMatcher Game
This month, we've also added in a feature that allows readers to explore your book covers from within the CoverMatcher game. If you are a BookBuzzr Author Pro (formerly BookBuzzr Games) subscriber, you can check to see if your book appears in the "Click to explore the books that you just saw" section by playing a couple of CoverMatcher games in your book's genre.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now let's move onto the announcement of this month's top BookBuzzr books. Congratulations to the winners.

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