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Hello BookBuzzrs!

Welcome to the August 2009 edition of the BookBuzzr monthly.

We've got some nifty new features to help you market your book better online. These include the super-fast BookBuzzr Version, a "story behind your book" feature, an email signature for your book and a brand-new fReado home page. And then as we do every month, we'll be giving out the list of top 10 books in BookBuzzr format. Before we start, we'd like to give a big shout-out to Yvonne Perry who is a noted book-reviewer and author of 14 books. She recently wrote on her blog, "I love their features so much, I've had all my books made into flip-books ... When you send me a book review to include in WITS monthly e-zine, I would appreciate it if you provide an image of your book or the code for your BookBuzzr flip page. I won't be able to include it in the newsletter, but I will use it when posting on our, e-zine blog. It would greatly enrich the visitor's experience."

The Usain Bolt Version of BookBuzzr

We were so inspired by Usain Bolt's world-record setting 100M sprint that we decided to go out there and build a faster version of BookBuzzr. The idea was to get BookBuzzr to load faster and look sharper (like Usain Bolt!) Do check out your own book on and see if it loads faster and if the text and fonts look sharper. Since this is a major release, it's possible that you may experience bugs and problems. In this case, we thank you for your patience and request you to get in touch with me directly at

What is the Story behind Your Book?

We've added a new feature which allows you, the author, to describe the story behind your book inside 1000 words. This could be an interesting incident, funny fact or anything else, which you think will interest your reader into sampling your book. This story will be presented at the beginning of your book preview in BookBuzzr (while the pages of your book are loading in the background.) The story will also appear on your book detail page.

A Brand New fReado Home Page

Check out the brand new fReado home page designed to give a lot more visibility to authors using BookBuzzr. The Story Behind Your Book will be given prominence here.

A BookBuzzr Email Signature To Help You Market Your Book to Your Contacts.
With BookBuzzr's new email signature feature, every one of your email recipients can become a potential reader for your book! This signature is an animated image of your book pages turning along with your details. It also generates a VCARD and a HCARD. If you'd like to grab your email signature, HCARD and VCARD, sign in to BookBuzzr to get it! Or check out our blog to see a sample.

Take a Survey. Win a $25 Gift Card from

We've also created a short survey to gather your thoughts and feedback on BookBuzzr. The survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete. We want to keep improving BookBuzzr everyday and incorporate every possible technology to help you expand your reader base. So PLEASE give us your feedback! One of the survey respondents (chosen randomly) will receive a $25 gift card. Click here to access this survey and be entered into the lucky draw!

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BookBuzz is a monthly email newsletter packed with the most important book-marketing technology information to help you sell more books with less effort. It also contains a listing of the month's most viewed book-extracts and book-widgets that are available in the BookBuzzr format.

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