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Picture this. You're lying on a hammock on a tropical island with a tall, cool drink in your hand. You lazily access your cell phone to find out how well your book is selling. You discover that your book is on fire! People are tweeting about it. People are sharing it on Facebook. And yes, they are going out and buying it!

This is our vision for you and we're achieving it in a hurry.

We see evidence of BookBuzzr's success in helping you market your book all the time. Like last week when we learnt from author, Chad Lilly who said

"In just over a month of using BookBuzzr, my books, 'A Day in the Mind' and 'uncommon sense' both climbed to record sales rankings on Amazon..."

This month, we'll tell you about two special features to help you market your book while sleeping (hammock not included.) And like we do every month, we'll provide you with the list of top performing BookBuzzr books for the month.

The Related Books Feature Gives Your Book Even More Exposure:
We've now introduced a new feature to give your book even more exposure. When a reader completes reading a book, the reader will see other books from the same category after the last page. Please do take a look at this feature by opening your book-extract and going to the last page. You should see about six books displayed here. Also go through other books from your category and see if your book shows up on these books. Click here and then click on any book to see this feature in action. We'd love to get any feedback you may have in this connection.

The New BookBuzzr Badge Now Adds Even More Credibility to Successful Books
Starting from this month, we're giving out badges to top-performing BookBuzzr books. The badge will show up inside your book-widget with the words "Top 10 Book." Take a look at the featured book on the home page to see a sample of a book with a BookBuzzr Top 10 badge. These badges are given to any book that makes it to any one of the BookBuzzr Top 10 lists. Your book will need to make it to these lists just once in order to be given the badge. You don't need to do anything to get the badge. The system will automatically insert the badge for your book-widget. We'd love to get your feedback on this feature also as we'd like to bring in greater transparency and credibility to the whole certification and badge-issuing process.
Badge Sample

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

And now let's move onto the announcement of this month's top BookBuzzr books. Congratulations to the winners. It's becoming increasingly challenging since there are over 3,000 books on BookBuzzr / at the moment!

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BookBuzz is a monthly email newsletter packed with the most important book-marketing technology information to help you sell more books with less effort. It also contains a listing of the month's most viewed book-extracts and book-widgets that are available in the BookBuzzr format.

By Vikram Narayan
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