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Welcome to the September 2009 edition of the BookBuzzr monthly newsletter. This month we bring to you some automated twitter marketing features that will allow you to market your book on Twitter while relaxing on a hammock in Hawai! We're also going to tell you about a fairly well-known secret to get better email for your domain for free. And then as we do every month, we're going to give out the list of top performing books in BookBuzzr format.

But first, a quick thank you to all the authors who took our BookBuzzr author's survey. We also had a prize draw for a $25 gift certificate from Amazon. Congratulations to the lucky winner - Victoria Twead - Author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools!

And thanks for the encouraging testimonials that you keep sending our way. Like the one that we received a few days ago from author Nick Daws who said "I've been very pleased with the additional publicity (and sales) BookBuzzr has helped to generate for The Festival on Lyris Five."  It's this kind of validation that helps us to go back and keep improving BookBuzzr

BookBuzzr's New (and Improved) Twitter Marketing Features
When we released our Twitter marketing features 2 months ago, we received plenty of feedback from authors using it. The main issue was that BookBuzzr was doing it's job too well and sending out too many tweets. So we went back to the drawing board and reworked some of the Twitter features. With the new refinements your followers will not feel like they are being spammed.

How you ask? First, we've brought in the feature of rotating multiple messages. All you need to do is to enter quotes and ideas from your book into BookBuzzr. And BookBuzzr will automatically cycle these messages for you. Next we've brought in the notion of milestone-based tweets that go out when your readership on BookBuzzr hits important milestones such as 100 readers, 1,000 readers and 10,000 readers. Think of it as celebratory messages! And we've also brought in features that allow you to set the exact time when a particular tweet needs to go out.
So sign-in now and update your Twitter settings on BookBuzzr (click on Start Marketing -> Market on Twitter)

Do You Know About Gmail for Business?
While this is not directly related to BookBuzzr it's still related to improving the quality of your life as an author. Did you know that Google Mail allows you to get an email account for your personal or business domain name? For example, if you own the domain, you can get a free email account host for The quality of service is what you'd expect of Google and it's free! Go to to signup.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

Below is a list of the most viewed books in BookBuzzr format. Congrats to the featured authors - you must be doing a good job of driving traffic to your books!

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