Prachi Agasti

May be my identity dwells upon the path of career, me being an undergraduate in College of Engineering and Technology, Odisha but certainly that may not be the only one. I am my father’s cherished daughter, my mother’s nagging yet lovable doll and friend’s adored better half. I always had the bits and pieces of an undying love story, a seed mingled with a longing to put it into words. I hadn’t ever thought I could make those jumbled mess of parts into a decent story. But I was inspired and inspired enough to work upon it, my passion with relentless efforts until I carve the ending to that story. Just Once, a story of an undying love, a story that could clench your heart into an ache, a story that could make you crave for a love that quenches your soul was born. And so was an author, who may not be a best among the writing society of the world, but a promising one who could make you ride through those parts of your heart that you haven’t even dreamt of. 

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