Rick Haggard

“Renowned author Rick Haggard is a native of Charlottesville, Virginia, where most of his masterpiece, Love Blind: Tales of a Footloose Man is set. Following his graduation from the University of Virginia in 1974, he was honored to be part of the Charlottesville music scene during the mid-1970s. This background also serves as the setting for his literary work, Love Blind: Tales of a Footloose Man.

Haggard’s journey led him to spend a significant portion of the 80s in Virginia, where he frequently moved around due to life’s twists and turns. However, destiny had its own designs for him. He resettled in Charlottesville in the 90s once more, a place he has called home ever since — excluding a two-year period spent in Southeast Florida in the early 2000s.

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