Trecell Richards

Trecell Richards graduated with a distinction in the Computer Information System program at the Okanagan College. She enjoys writing, socializing, reading, building websites and softwares. When it comes to writing, Trecell enjoys writing about topics that can help improve the life of others, as she strongly believes that greatness is on the inside of everyone. She was the recipient of the Peace Award at the age of 11 for her article entitled 'Peace'.
Trecell came to the realization at the age of 13 that only some students are successful in school. On her quest for answers, she gathered information from various students and discovered that successful students follow similar principles. She took note of these principles and began applying them to her everyday life. This resulted in her receiving various academic awards for her outstanding performance in school. Trecell noticed that some of her school friends were failing in school and decided to share the same principles she lived by. As a result, the students noted significant improvements in their grades. Trecell believes that every student has the potential to be successful in school and still have time for social life and fun. Her book entitled 'Success Belongs to You Take Charge Now!' consists of all the principles that you will need to be successful in school!

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