Zia Ugochukwu

Hi. I am Zia Ugochukwu. I love reading and writing! And all things science fiction! "In my experience, there is no such thing as luck" only real fans will know ;). Anyways from a young age I've had a liking and talent for writing, I had my work featured in Young Writers Anthology and from then on little by little I began writing short stories into full stories. I like going into depth for my characters, as I'd like people to be able to relate to their real-life issues in my novel, it creates a deeper connection and that's always what I portray when I write that the reader should make a personal connection. It's so important to add people of color and ethnicities, being of mixed heritage myself I have never read many stories about my background. I believe it's important to give minorities a voice to express their own novels and experiences and show how it's okay to be who you are. Please if you agree with me give my book a read and bask in everything mystery, action, and of course romance. 

Book(s) By Zia Ugochukwu

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