Alexandra Sunday

I was born in Slovakia, but have lived in Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic. Being in so many places has changed my perception on life. Therefore, I do not believe in borders, nor boundaries, that separate us as a people. That is why I have decided to write in a language that is more widely spoken, so as to reach more readers and share my vision. Life is so meaningful to me, and my many passions show it, hopefully, in my words and thoughts. In my previous jobs, such as my local library, coffee shops and restaurants I loved talking to the people! Something about knowing that I was making their day brighter with a few words of wisdom or some witty repartee, would so make my day worth it. Now, I currently work with computers doing various internet projects and teaching people from different countries to expand their own abilities. I love using my creative abilities to produce so many beautiful logos for people on their websites. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading the works of those authors who have asked for me to illustrate their books for them.

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