Praise for BookBuzzr from authors

"BookBuzzr was one of the first book promotion sites I availed when my book - The Emperor's Riddles - came out in March this year. I used the Author Pro Plan to promote the book and I am sure BookBuzzr had a big role in spreading the word about my book and making it a bestseller."

- Satyarth Nayak
Bestselling Author of "The Emperor's Riddles"

"I am delighted to announce that Kindle sales of 'The Trespass', promoted by BookBuzzr have reached a total of 26,279. Excellent!"

- Scott Hunter
Author of "The Trespass"

"I love the BookBuzzr tools available with the pro subscription. The landing page widget, The tweeter and The book sample page widget. I would recommend BookBuzzr to anyone who is taking their craft seriously and can use effective and inexpensive ways to get it done!"

- Stephanie Norris
Author of "Wreckless and Trouble In Paradise"

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"The use of the flipper on my front landing page really illustrates its advantage over Amazon and many friends who write have asked about it."

- Philippa
Author of "Involution: An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God"

"Gotta say, I'm not a tech genius ... but I know quality when I see it. I now feel absolutely confident in recommending BookBuzzr to any independent author."

- Virginia Ripple
Author of "Fear Not: Discovering God's Promises For Our Lives"

"Just a line or two to tell you that I sold four Kindle books and two paperback books in the first week I had them at BookBuzzr. That's more marketing sales than I have ever had spending thousands of dollars on online campaigns and "public relations" promotion. This stuff really works! You've got a goldmine in marketing, so keep it up for us "Indie" from "India" authors!"

- Jim Musgrave
Author of "Online Research Made Easy", "Sins of Darkness", "Russian Wolves"...

"This month I sold 4 copies of Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places . I attribute these sales to @BookBuzzr. I highly recommend it!"

- Rhetta Akamatsu
Author of "Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places"

"I can't express how much I appreciate your terrific service for authors. You have assembled a truly remarkable website, and I refer people I work with practically every day. BookBuzzr is a light-year beyond what Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature can do for a book on the web."

- Patric McDonald
Author of "America's Dumbest Doctors: Ever Wonder About Yours?"

"In just over a month of using BookBuzzr, my books, 'A Day in the Mind' and 'uncommon sense' both climbed to record sales rankings on Amazon... BookBuzzr is the most effective marketing tool that InnerCircle Publishing has ever used. Thank you for changing the way books are read online!"

- Chad Lilly
Author of "A Day in the Mind" and "Uncommon Sense"

"Bookbuzzr has been a godsend! It drives the press and the public to my website and then wows them when they get there."

- Sunny Massad, Ph.D.
Author of "UnTherapy"

"Thanks so much to the BookBuzzr team for their ongoing support. They are all incredibly helpful, and really fast at getting things done. I'd recommend all fellow-authors to check out BookBuzzr. You won't be disappointed. Also, my rating on Amazon for Apartheid South Africa has almost doubled.This is definitely good news."

- John Allen
Author of "Apartheid South Africa", "Hipper Crit" and "The Islander"

"I have enjoyed using the tools on Bookbuzzer, and have 2 books listed with the site so far. I've already spread the word on my favorite writer's forum and on my blog."

- Lillian Brummet
Author of "Towards Understanding - revised edition" and "Purple Snowflake Marketing"

"Use your product after hearing about it on Twitter. I have the flipping book icon on my facebook page and have applied to the many author websites I am part of, and also use as my e-mail signature. I have had many e-mails from people who have gotten an e-mail from me asking about the product. I love it and I am sure it has helped me sell many copies of my book Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male. Thanks for helping us little guys get started."

- Philip Nork
Author of "Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male"

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"We're delighted to introduce a new 'see inside' function using BookBuzzr. Clicking the see inside link lets you flip the pages of some of our titles, read extracts, zoom in or out, and generally get a taste of a book before you decide to buy. Bookbuzzr also has great advantages for our authors because if they have accounts with Twitter, Facebook and other social network sites, they can share the BookBuzzr widget with all their contacts and spread the word about their book."

- Helen Hart
Published Author and Head of SilverWood Books

"I've been very pleased with the additional publicity (and sales) BookBuzzr has helped to generate for The Festival on Lyris Five. If you have a book or e-book yourself, I recommend visiting the BookBuzzr and creating your own BookBuzzr widget today."

- Nick Daws
Author of "The Festival on Lyris Five"

"BookBuzzr is an amazing tool for writers. It not only give you the opportunity to display your books in the site for free, but also let you share the works as an original format, enable the reader to flip the pages as a real book. It's so interactive and perfect for my Picture Books. I always envisioned one day to have my books with illustrations viewed over the Internet as an easy, funny and enjoyable experience, and I even tried to upload pages by my own in order to achieve that. But with the help of those widgets, I can take my books everywhere, to my sites, blogs, in my email signatures, or to share with the social media, even in Twitter where I don't need to worry about updating my status as people may know how many readers I already have for my books. Besides, my story behind the book "Rat-a-tat" was featured in their site just a day after I wrote my tale about "the rat with no tail", and I'm so glad I did, and I bless the day I joined BookBuzzr!"

- Ana Antunes
Author of "Rata-ta-ta", "Peek-a-Peak", "Sea-Sons: Rhymes & Songs"...

"Every author with a book to sell should visit your site and create a mini e-book of a sample chapter or two. Your product is fantastic, and your people are wonderful. I cannot believe the number of times BookBuzzr has Tweeted about my Mating Net excerpt."

- Rowena Cherry
Author of "Mating Net"

"I love BookBuzzr! I looked at other sites that offered the flip-book feature, but they were so expensive I thought I would never have the ability to let folks look inside my book unless it was on Then, I meet @Bookbuzzr on Twitter. That's when I discovered the flip-book widget for FREE! Amazing. Thank you so much for this wonderful marketing tool. Life is good!"

- Yvonne Perry
Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

"Whenever I see those widgets, I feel like a kid. "Whoa...look at that!" Those flipping pages - how'd they do that? I'm sure I'm not alone here. One word: Interactive. BookBuzzr widgets do everything, and they can be posted nearly everywhere. Like I'd said about Social Media Marketing...
they're also free. I learned about BookBuzzr/fReado just prior to THE SEVENTH RITUAL coming out, and I'm glad I did.
They benefit me mostly because the use of online book marketing tools, not to mention, online sales will continue to expand and grow."

- Clint Adams
Author of "Just Say Mikey", "Fear Ain't All That"...

"I like that BookBuzzr is simple and so easy to use, I like that you can see other author's works as well as his or her profile. You can actually interact with other authors who have their head on streight using this book marketing service. It's awesome in every way."

- Heather Paye
Author of "A Gift From Above"

"I just wanted to say how much I love BookBuzzr. I just started using it and I've gotten almost 40 hits to my book in less than a week and the hits just keep coming! The tool is so easy to use-- even a not so tech savvy person like me can figure it out."

- Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom
Author of "Fibro and Fabulous The Book"

"I just signed on to BookBuzzr and already I'm so impressed with what you have done for me. You have part of my book up and running plus a little bit about me. I know I will see wonderful results from your excellent web site."

- Arlette Gaffrey
Author of "A World of His Own: In the Land of the Creoles"

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"A funky interface that makes my books interesting for people to look at. Then the content of the books keeps them hooked!"

- Alan Baxter
Author of "RealmShift and MageSign"

"It's a great promotional tool."

- A. F. Stewart
Author of "Chronicles of the Undead"

"I really like the widget. I think it's really cool and helps draw attention to my book."

- ChaChanna Simpson
Author of "Life After College..."

"It looks cool and professional"

- Lorilyn Roberts
Author of "Children of Dreams"
"BookBuzzr is a great way to provide readers with previews of books"

- Belinda D'Alessandro
Author of "Discovering Wounded Justice..."

"It's a beautiful site with incredible graphics and all of the features someone with an ebook could want."

- Kristen Tsetsi
Author of "Homefront"

"I hope BookBuzzr goes from strength to strength because your site allows authors to put so much more up than others do. I also appreciate the way BookBuzzr responds so promptly with author assistance."

- Fiona Ingram
Author of "The Secret of the Sacred Scarab"

"BookBuzzr picks up more readers than anything else. It's hot"

- Larry Harrison
Author of "Glimpses of a Floating World"

"I recently decided to release The Samson Effect as a serial release. BookBuzzr gave me an attractive way to present my novel and it made it easy to upload the book and release it a chapter at a time, all in less than a minute per release! As an author and a marketing expert, I look for tools that are effective and easy to use. BookBuzzr hits a home run in both areas!"

- Tony Eldridge
Author of "The Samson Effect"

"Brilliant new look, snappier & faster - well done! Great home page."

- Victoria Twead
Author of "Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools"

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"I love their features so much; I've had all my books made into flip-books."

- Yvonne Perry
Freelance writer, editor, and author. Owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services (WITS)

"I think you have a terrific service and I know I have already sold one copy on Amazon as a direct result of it."

- Lee Murphy
Author of "YGOR"

"It may just be the most valuable marketing tool on my site."

- Gary Val Tenuta
Author of "The Ezekiel Code"

"They respond swiftly to feedback - they will even try to make changes. They actually want to give writers a tool that works for them. And they've succeeded. Bookbuzzr is the best widget I've ever found on the web. And would go on my essential top 10 web toolkit for writers."

- Dan Holloway
Author of "Songs From the Other Side of the Wall"

"BookBuzzr is a fantastic service for authors. For most of us authors, marketing our books appears a daunting prospect. There are both on-line and off-line activities that we have to do. And truth be told, the online world can be a bit of a black hole and we don't know where to start. BookBuzzr takes care of all our worries, by telling us what's out there, and putting up professional and real-looking (flipping-pages and all) excerpts of our books in social networking sites, blogs, our own websites and so on. If you're an author, I have only one thing to say to you - you had better get onto BookBuzzr fast, because a lot of authors already have!"

- Chetan Dhruve
Author of "Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator"

"I love BookBuzzr! It's an innovative tool that gives readers a more real-like reading experience, since you can flip pages by dragging the corners. You can zoom in on text, which is great for those who love large print. You can read and write a review. You can also buy the book and share an excerpt with your friends by posting the BookBuzzr widget to your Facebook, Myspace, blog, website. As a book marketing coach, I recommend this necessary tool to all authors and publishers."

- Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Author of "Divine Intervention"

"I got my BookBuzzr!!!!! Omg! It is fantastic ...This is a more fun way to read an e-book."

- Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola
Author of "Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince"

"I've already had more views of the books in a few hours than anywhere else I have publicized the books, and I've also previewed a lot of other books on there."

- Linda Welch
Author of "The Demon Hunters" & "Along Came A Demon"

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"I went to the sites and it works beautifully. I'm very excited about having this widget embedded in my Facebook and Blogspot. As you can probably tell, all this technical stuff is a new adventure for me, and I appreciate the help system you have in place."

- Elizabeth Varadan
Author of "The Fourth Wish"

"Using is a very easy way to share a preview of my book and embed into my website. I enjoyed it."

- Kim Beasley
Author of "Implementing A Membership Web Site"

"Last night I set up a pretty cool tool for my book and I want to share it with you all. I am not trying to sell you anything, and I am not seeking anything for myself here. I really believe you will find this helpful in showing your own work. It is free and there are absolutely not strings attached. I am the most frugal person I I would not send something I did not believe would benefit you."

- Christian Schaal
Author of "Life In Poetry And Prose"

"It's a great little tool and easy to use!"

- Stacey Voss
Author of "Thunder and Blood"

"BookBuzzr is a convenient and very user friendly way of doing book marketing! They make it so easy to put a widget of your book, turning pages and all, on all the common social media sites such as Facebook etc. Even I, who have techno phobia was able to understand their simple instructions and do it! Great resource. You should try it."

- Susan Chodakiewitz
Author of "Too Many Visitors For One Little House"

"I am so glad to have learned about this site. It is a great way to let people know about my two children's books."

- Fran Lewis
Author of "My Name is Bertha & Bertha Speaks Out"

"Love what you've created! Thank you for creating this wonderful product for authors!"

- Lynne Klippel
Your Friend in the Book Business, Author, Publisher, Book Coach