Anna Nadia Bandura

My name is Anna Nadia Bandura and I am from a beautiful country – Poland. I started my vegan journey quite recently, about a year ago and have been enjoying the experience ever since. I first went vegetarian and slowly started to cut out the dairy in my diet.

Polish cuisine by nature is very meaty, starchy and meaty! Personally for me It was quite fascinating that even in a country like Poland, there is no shortage of vegan meals. You just need to know where to look and what ingredients to use. Until recently, vegans in Poland were literally unheard of. However, of late, as exemplified by the increasing number of vegan bars veganism is certainly on the rise in Krakow. As my recent experience tells me, the world of veganism is rich and full of surprises.

On a daily basis I am a student, keen musician and I love to travel whenever I have the opportunity. You will find me playing on Krakow Main Square mostly and sometimes on the corners of La Rambla in Barcelona, or Deak Square in Budapest and who knows where else!  I idolize Taylor Swift and can play practically all her songs. 

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