Avery S.

Avery was born in the projects on the south side of Chicago and was the product of creative genes.  From the moment he could hold a pencil writing and drawing were among Avery's favorite pursuits.  Avery comes from a musical family and his influences range from Classical to Hip Hop. Avery is multitalented with abilities equally gifted in music, drawing, writing and athletics.  Early on, Avery's mother steered him away from the drama in the hood and Avery existed in his creative interests.  Avery's mother moved to California when he was 6 to the east side of Long Beach.  Avery has experienced most of the tragedies that lead young men in the ghetto to become "statistics".  But through all of the adversity he continues to strive.  He refuses to acknowledge negativity in his sphere.  The World can't take his smile.

Book(s) By Avery S.

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