Candy Hough

In my healing practice, Angel Healing House, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, I see the amazing transformative effects of energy sessions, as it charges the immune systems in my clients. The re-energizing, rebalancing sessions calms, and relaxes people, so they are able to have more clarity and focus in their lives. My abilties as an intutive counselor, helps clients see their life's choices from a higher perspective. This is extremely helpful in order to see the initial cause of sabotaging and limiting behaviors and why they choose to keep repeating negative patterns. Clients are given the individualized tools to be proactive towards life, instead of merely reacting to life because of the past.
As a life coach, I inspire and motivate others to recognize and acknowledged their gifts and talents. Once accomplished, I help them formulate plans to further those areas that they are passionate about and bring them joy.
Being a Master/Teacher of Reiki, I teach Reiki on all levels including Mastership level.
In my international practice, I have helped people heal from within through distant healing and phone counseling. To view my testimonials, please visit my website and learn more about my practice please visit my website:


Having had 2 near death experiences, I clearly remember what awaits us when we cross over from this life. With this insight, I have helped many people with grief issues in helping them understand the process of crossing over and staying connected to the Spirit of their loved ones. I have taken my insight of the extrarodinary journey we all get to take after we cross over, and written a beautiful book entitled 'Angels of Faith'. It helps children and adults, to truly live with greater purpose and to not to be so afraid of the dark.

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