Cedric Nye

I walk the lonely roads of FEAR, and the only god I know is SURVIVAL. I had to learn to worship at the altar of VIOLENCE, but I worship in my own way.
I swore I would never be the abuser, but, I think I will always be the abused. Child abuse drives a splinter into the soft psyche of a child, and, if left untreated, if that child's natural resiliency is not given a chance to work, then that splinter becomes a worm. That worm can eat a hole into the spirit of that child, and that child will grow up, They will never be able to fill that hole, sex, self-abuse, drugs, violence, even killing; they don't fill the hole for long.
I burn myself clean with exercise, I brutalize myself so that no innocents will ever suffer at my hand.
What? You thought my author's bio was going to be candy-canes and smiles? Well, maybe later.
Thank you for checking out my author's page, and I hope you will check out my books, "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Zombies" and "Jango's Anthem." You can see how a Child of Abuse might function in a true Zombie Apocalypse!
Zombie Fighter Jango is loose!

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