Chelle Cordero

I’m the kid with the vivid imagination and a whole slew of very interesting and unique made-up friends, lol. As I grew into a hopeless romantic, I was involved in some rather exciting and interesting jobs and volunteer work: backstage lighting designer, NYC Auxiliary Police, wannabe actress, under- cover retail investigation, NYS EMT – and then I became a writer. So I had a lot of good background to draw from and when I needed, I let my imagination run wild (again). Fortunately I have a very patient family who understands that being a fiction writer is… well, is a special case.

I also am a freelance writer with several non-fiction articles and human interest stories that have been published in regional and national newspapers and magazines. I write under the name Chelle Cordero here too. Working out of a home office is terrific because I don’t even have to get out of my jammies to come to work!

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