Christine Deurloo

Christy was born in the Low Lands. She moved across two ponds to end up in Ireland where she feels most at home. She shares her house and garden with Bobby and Mohamed, her two cats. She leads the reader inside the psyche of the characters, deep into the darkest corners of their minds. Where secrets lurk even they couldn’t dream up.

Researching her thesis Schizophrenia Social model v Medical model, the final project for her Counselling and Psychology study in 2008, the idea for the book arose. Soon she discovered that writing a full length book was not for the faint hearted and a certain level of madness was required. To be an author and believing in yourself you need to have a multiple personality, how else can you create the characters? You also need to be delusional in believing people are going to buy the end product.

When Christy isn’t writing she plays games on the laptop and reads books. Her favourite books are by the French author Jules Verne, Edgar Alan Poe, Tess Geritsen but to name a few. She likes to return as a cat when her final flame is blown out, then she can sleep 26 hours a day. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Book(s) By Christine Deurloo

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