Daniel Gauthier

Daniel Gauthier is the president and owner of TwinBytes Inc., a company that provides computer repair services in Markham, Ontario. He wrote this book to inform business owners and home computer users about all aspects of computer technology and to level the playing field between computer technicians and the end user. He hopes you will become more comfortable with computers, save money with the information in this book, and avoid being taken advantage of.
Daniel has more than ten years experience in the computer technology industry. During this time, Daniel’s expertise also expanded from technical support provider to ISP manager, web designer/host and software trainer. He has trained sales reps, martial arts students, and small groups of people on how to use some industry specific software. Daniel’s teaching ability has received an appreciative and enthusiastic response from many of his students.
You can learn more about Daniel’s company by visiting www.twinbytes.ca and this book at www.tech-knowledgybook.com.

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