Debra Emmanuelle

Debra Emmanuelle has been actively and consciously teaching both youth and adults since 1977 upon receiving her B.S. degree in Education.  

Since then she has completed many other trainings and classes, including: Polarity Practitioner, RYSE Practitioner, (over 1000 hours of training in energy healing, sound and crystal healing), Prepare for Surgery, Bio-Energetics among others, and is an ordained Minister of Peace. 

Debra has been studying holistic approaches to healthier living since 1981 and actively teaching self-designed classes and workshops in the same, in conjunction with her private energy healing practice since 1995.   Inasmuch as she has found great value in numerous books, seminars and teachers, she strongly feels that Life itself has been her greatest teacher and that the classes and books have served the purpose of refining and integrating the many Life Lessons that have come her way.  As both a keen observer and an avid learner, her insightful wisdom has proven to be transformative for many individuals, families and groups with whom she has worked. 

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