James Parker

~~James Parker is currently a Pharmacist living in Las Vegas. He has competed in the Church Training Service of First Free Will Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, where he also competed in Music and Arts for singing and song writing. He has written over 100 songs. He became interested in Islam in 2006 which led him to research the Islamic end time prophesies as well as the Islamo-political events in the Middle East which formed the basis for this book. Parker has combined his knowledge of Islamic prophesies with decades of experience studying the bible to produce a compelling look at future events from a fresh and unique perspective.
James Parker has been a faithful member of Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas, for many years. He is a committed Christian with a great working knowledge of the Word of God. His new book The Twelfth Imam: Rise of the Antichrist, though fictitious is based on solid Bible teaching concerning the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe this book will be an encouragement to many Christians and hopefully encourage those who do not know Christ to make a personal commitment to Him.
David Teis
Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church
Las Vegas, Nevada

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