Jennifer Darden

I've been writing since I was nine years old, cooking from my early teen years, digging in the garden for more than 25 years, and exploring the world of alcohol and food pairing over the last eight years. Artists need books written by another creative soul. An author who understands the multi-tasking mindset and the daily challenge of balancing creative temperament with business tasks. A writer who gets that you need to calm the mental chaos of the right-brainer at work so the entrepreneur can stay productive.

The Queens Empire is a community to help you Create More, Connect, And Collaborate, so you can profit from your craft!

Meet The Queens:

QueensVoice is the messenger of motivation, mayhem, madness, and merriment for the artisticpreneurial lifestyle and on reaping rewards in a creative economy.

TipsyCulinaryQueen is the home chef that quenches your edible cravings with books on herb gardening, cooking with alcohol, and flavor and food pairings.

ShutterQueenInk is the artist, conservationist, and wildlife advocate.

My books support and showcase the Create More, Connect, Collaborate concept through the written word, outspoken voices, out of the box attitudes, and original art to help you thrive as an artisticpreneur. These compilations represent a textual journey of past experience, a focus on the future, suggestions and support from the artistic trenches, to help you gain pleasure, productivity, and profit from your creative lifestyle!

I welcome the opportunity to connect and communicate with you. Please visit for the complete story!

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