Julie Elizabeth Powell

Hello everyone. If you haven't guessed by now I have a passion for words and have 15 titles published in a variety of genres...all thanks to Lulu and Kindle, much hard work and sleepless nights.

My eldest daughter has flown the nest and is married to a man who doesn't mind his mother-in-law though my son is still fluffing his feathers. My middle child is off on a mysterious adventure, the like of which I can only guess...and tried to do so in my first book, Gone.

I love to read and am looking for ways to double time so to indulge in the mysterious and wonderful and delicious and strange...my favourite kind of story. Writing is my passion, though I enjoy creating handcrafted cards, jewellery making, scrapbooking and dabbling in encaustic art whenever I can.

Oh yes, I used to teach or mark exam papers but now concentrate on writing and enjoying my new life, which materialised, as if by a miracle. Though still dislike all those necessary domestic chores that would, for me, be included in the Rings of Hell!

That's it.

Thank you to anyone who reads my books...enjoy the flight! FYI - I also read /review as many Indie books as possible.

My Books: Gone, Slings & Arrows, Lost Shadows, 13, Dirty Business, Of Sound Mind, Misadventures Of Fatwoman, A Murderer’s Heart, Knowing Jack, The Star Realm (#1 Avalon Trilogy), Invasion (# 2 Avalon Trilogy), Secrets Of The Ice (#3 Avalon Trilogy), Figments, Three Into One and Expressions.

Book(s) By Julie Elizabeth Powell

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