Laura Ebohon

“Writing (therapeutical ladder to the sky), reading, traveling, exploring, captivating images, observing the mysteries-miracles of life, attempting verses…”  

This is the 140 characters description I used on my Twitter page. Short and real maybe not fully descriptive but topic related to the essence of my writing: ”sliding” into myself trying to find the “real me” keeping at the same time my eyes wide open on the  world and its wonders.

I think this life is a passage through stormy and sunny places leading us to the light I have been searching since I was a little girl. I would like to learn more and share more through my verses.

I cannot really tell you the what or the how but I am sure that you will see in some of my verses the intricate maze of my journey and you will recognize the when and the why I felt my inner spiritual journey had to be explored even more to finally find the communion between mind, body and my troubled soul looking for peace. 


I have always lived within two dimensions, two parallel lives (everyday anxiety and spiritual promenade)… in the middle of these two paths, I often felt inadequate and out of reach. With time,  I learned that they can flow together as long as my heart stays connected with my mind and as far as my soul will search for the “light”.

The real challenge is to “keep intact the invisible wire of communication” 

“We learn to love and “share” … by sharing I mean whispering words of hope, silently writing verses of wisdom, letting people read our soul and meet our mind!

See my dear, you have just shared this story with me making me richer, making us both richer.” (from The Magic Book short story by Laura Mercurio Ebohon Copyright © 2009)

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