M. Clifford

I was born in 1978, in a suburb of Chicago and grew up in a forest-encroached neighborhood called Northwoods, where the embers of my imagination were kindled during solitary treks through the lonely wilderness. I wrote my first book, The Bullet That Never Stopped, on my mother’s rickety green typewriter at the prudent age of eight and three-quarters. While dating my wife throughout college, I wrote numerous stories, including novel-length addendums to her favorite books, giving her beloved characters new adventures.  Writing novels was always a novelty for me, but now that I’ve created more literary stories and mainstream fiction, I’m looking forward to a possible future in publication.  

Like Ernest Hemingway, L. Frank Baum and Sara Paretsky, I hail from the great city of Chicago, as do many of my characters, and I chose that as the setting for The Book because it is there that I am constantly walking and working and writing and reading. I firmly believe that Chicago is a mecca for thought and free speech and I am proud to proclaim it as the backdrop of my novel. 

I find such support from fellow Chicagoans and inspiration from its writers and if I can ever offer that to someone else, or if you have interest in welcoming me to your writing group to ‘test-kitchen’ your work, please contact me! 

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