Margaret Montreuil

The centerpiece of Margaret Montreuil’s published works—whether a novel, devotional book, poem, Internet blog post, or article—is always the same: Jesus Christ. With Christ as the focal point of all that she writes, Margaret offers readers an intimate look at Jesus and God’s Word. 

In Margaret’s first novel, God in Sandals, and this second one, His Kingdom Come, she leads readers into a personal journey alongside Christ and his disciples. Both novels are powerful portrayals of New Testament biblical history, as Margaret offers a glimpse into the minds and hearts of the individuals who played central roles in the four Gospels and the book of Acts.

       Margaret’s past years of involvement in a Messianic congregation—along with her in-depth historical research—have helped her to describe what the primitive, early church in Jerusalem might have been like. In addition, her four trips to Israel have equipped her with a personal familiarity of the Holy Land, creating a greater level of authenticity in her writing.

       More than anything, Margaret’s novels are timely for the body of Christ today. With her writing, she joins other voices in the church today who recognize that the Holy Spirit is bringing Christianity’s worship and expression of faith full circle, as believers embrace the Jewishness of Jesus and the Hebraic roots of our faith to enjoy a deeper grasp of God’s heart and purposes.

       Along with being a writer, Margaret considers herself blessed to be a mother of five grown children and a grandmother of four grandchildren. She is a member of Joy Church, a non-denominational fellowship in Matthews, North Carolina. Margaret welcomes readers to contact her through her Web site at


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