Marlone Finley

My name, is Marlon Douglas Finley. I am a Polymath.

I am a published author. I write fiction, non - fiction and poetry.

I am a photographer. I have taken more than 630 photographs.

I am an artist. My art has been featured online, and I have created short animated films.

I am a gardener. I grow vegetables and other plants every year.

I am a scientist and can speak to many disciplines, including Biology, Paleoanthropology, Information Technology, Psychology and Quantum Physics.

I am a historian, particularly regarding the armed conflicts of the United States.

Most of all, I am a philosopher and a thinker. I dwell in the places of stimulating conversation, satirical wit, and intense, passionate physicality.
I believe in God and that God made me this way for a purpose and a destiny.

Among those who have no drive and no ambition and desire to see their destiny fulfilled, you will not find me.

This is who I am.


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