I have been a  visual artist for years, first devoting my interest to realism.  After taking a course in MDC based on painting the human figure, I strictly delt in pencil, charcoal or pastel portraits. At one point I experimented with a monochomatic portrait of a child--my first oil on canvas rendition. At the time, landscapes and home interiors were in vogue so I incorporated those to my themes, adding different animals to the scenery. Always trying something new, I deviated from realism to painting abstracts and animal comics, usually in series.  One group of such paintings caught my attention since the paper bird drawings seemed to tell a story.  And the writing began with my first book BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU, a Paper Birds'[ Story. Three more books were published, beginning with a novel, SUBLIME ADOPTION - A Tale of Love and Mendacity. Next was BOOK OF DIVERSE WRITINGS - VOL I mainly covering a variety of short stories but also anecdotes and essays. The last work, BOOK OF DIVERSE WRITINGS - VOL II, has a selection of poems from love to inspirational and motivational ones, plus Haikus. Four more books are in the works.

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