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A majority of my professional experience is within IT / Telecommunications.  I’ve been a quality assurance and help desk team lead, technical support analyst, business analyst, and project manager.  I truly enjoy this industry and have learned a lot from as it continues to evolve.  Additionally, I also believe it’s one of my gifts among others.  This gift along with others is shared via Essential Spirit Enterprises, Inc. please feel free to visit:

What’s It All About Book Nesheba? An Inspirational & Spiritual Book Collection Series reveals one of my 1st gifts.  I’ve had an interesting journey along the way and wanted to share some of the revelations and thoughts experienced. Experiences, that caused me to pause at this juncture to reflect on all my gifts, trials & tribulations, and the overall direction, destiny for my life.


My life’s journey and revelations lead me to this book, becoming a radio host, and to reveal another gift singing.  This portion of my journey is to release again the creative side of me which laid dormant for awhile.  So, at this time I’d like to share these gifts with world.  

God has been a central part of my life and has been the answer to all that I’ve been through. I know in my heart I would have never made it this far without God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit being apart of my life I can’t say it enough how much I pray these words help make it through your journey…



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