Norma Casas

A native from Puerto Rico, Norma Casas is an inspirational writer and educator. Her passion for writing goes back to her childhood when she began journaling about her daily experiences and surroundings. Since 2008 she has been a contributing writer to several online magazines as well as conducting an expert’s page on the Self-Growth community. She is passionate about empowering women to discover their talents becoming their best in all areas of life. Her first book, The Power of Us: Evolving Women One at a Time is a memoir where she shares her life, struggles, and her self-discovery and re-connection process through the voices of the women who raised her. Called to Ribbon Dance is her first inspirational fiction, a woman’s journey through time where she unveils universal truths giving us all the gift of awareness, hope, and a call to action. Ms. Casas currently resides in Gainesville, Georgia where she moved in 1997 with her four children. To learn more about her visit: , or her Facebook page: NormaCasas: The Power of Us

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