Patrice Williams Marks

I've been a writer since age 6 when I pinned the wildly successful (in my own mind) THE DAY SNOOPY GOT MARRIED. After that I was off to the races! I've written over 10 screenplays; some of which have been optioned. Hoping one will make it to the big screen some day. After reading short stories from Derek Haas' (bad-ass, big time screenwriter) website, aptly called Popcorn Fiction, where he features short stories from writers, I decided to give it a go. I came up the idea of The Unfinished from being a sci-fi fan, but also a die-hard TCM movie fan; (watch more b&w films from the 30's and 40's than current films). Love the idea of taking a character out of one world and implanting them in another... known as "fish out of water" stories. From all the positive response from my book, I've decided to write a sequel. Please visit the website to sign up to be notified of the launch! Also join me on twitter @Unfinished_The All the best; Patrice.

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