Rebecca Bloomer

My full name is Rebecca Alison Bloomer. Somewhere along the line I picked up a Confirmation or Saint's name too…sadly I no longer remember which saint I chose to look out for me.

I'm thirty-six years old at the moment, which seems so much older than I ever intended on becoming. Luckily I'm still young at heart and can recall how it felt to have ‘teen' ending my age. My children and the students I teach are my fountains of youth which is interesting if you consider that some days they make me feel a hundred and ten!

I started writing quite young, which gave my teachers great hope because I certainly did not excel in any of the business subjects I so foolishly chose to study in high school. What they didn't know was that while I wrote great fantasy adventures and mighty, wordy horror stories in English, I also wrote terrible bodice-ripping romances for my friends! Attending an all girls catholic high school, such things were not really expected. I on the other hand, managed to create quite a frenzy with each new instalment.

Naturally I became an English teacher. I got to teach masses of others how to enjoy reading and writing great stories. My favourite writers, people like Shakespeare and J.K Rowling, came alive in class and I hope I've inspired at least a few of my students to try writing for a living.

While teaching I met a whole stack of kids from all different walks of life. Through those kids I gained insight into their worlds and their issues. That's how I decided to write Mae-be Roses. While I had been a teen mum myself, I found it much more devastating to watch my students have babies and leave school, rarely ever to return. For me writing Mae-be Roses was really just an extension of teaching. By writing a book I had the possibility of a world-wide classroom!

Currently I am appeasing my love of science-fantasy writing. I'm writing a book about three brothers who end up traversing two worlds. My son is acting as chief editor in this case. He never fails to give me an honest opinion and is relieved I'm finally writing a book he can appreciate.

After that's done? Who knows! Ideas are everywhere and I love an adventure so I'm sure there will be plenty more to write about. In the meantime, let me know what you think of my work so far. I love getting feedback from my readers.

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