Sohanraj Mohnot

INTECOS launched its operations way back in 1973 when economic liberalization was yet for away from India in economic service in structure, technology and process dynamics. Industries all over the world were going through major transformations. Having experienced the economic transformations that have taken place from then to the new-age economy of today, INTECOS-CIER have had extensive exposure to the fluctuating market and the factors needed for an enterprise to lay down the foundation and prosper under dynamic conditions. Steered by the founder Managing Director of the company, INTECOS-CIER have managed to provide widely acclaimed professional multi-client studies and publications for over four epochal decades for diverse clientele.

Today, INTECOS-CIER is positioned as a leading Industrial Management Consulting organisation providing services for ■ Corporate Strategy Planning ■ Data Mining ■ Market Research ■ Financial And Management Analysis.

About the Managing Director 

Dr. S.R. Mohnot has 50 years of extensive experience in different domains. He continues to play a pivotal role in the development of the company. His academic credentials consist of a Ph. D., CMC (Certified Management Consultant), and Fellowships from Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI) and Indian Society of Training and development (ISTD).

• He is also a former Industrial Economist and Team Leader of UNIDO and UNDP, and was involved as an International Consultant with the Asian Development Bank.

• Positioned as a director in Several Indian and foreign companies.

• Is President Emeritus of Indian Society of Training and Development, an organization of 7000, also honoured as its Fellow.

• Was Vice Chairman of Consultancy Development Center (CDC) Government (Department of Scientific and Industries Research) sponsored organization.

• Had been Vice President of Institute of Management Consultants of India and also honored as a fellow.

• Has written more than 150 professional papers, reports, and presentations for Indian and International Organizations.

• Authored or edited widely approbated publications on management, economic policies & development dynamics. 

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