Stephen Caravana

Stephen Caravana grew up in Dartmouth, MA, and spent many years working as a commercial fisherman out of New Bedford before pursuing a career in the medical profession as a registered nurse, graduating from Cape Cod Community College and the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.  He also served in the Army Reserve for thirty-two years, holding many leadership positions, and received numerous awards for his accomplishments.  He retired in 2008 at the rank of major.  Stephen was inspired by God to tell his story of faith in his first book Light Beyond The Storm which was released in 2008. What Shall We Do With This Life?, his second book, is a work that he believes will help others to recognize all they’ve been blessed with in this life,  that they will thank God for His goodness, and ask Him to point them in the direction they must go. Stephen hopes that his readers will trust that God Has The Answer…

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