The Anomaly

It cannot have been easy accepting and learning to cope with a severe hearing impediment in a world full of sound, but Emily Pamon has not only done so with courage, but has learned to make light of her impediment and record some of her experiences on paper in most delightfully humorous and entertaining manner.    


It cannot always have been easy for her, but nothing has deterred her from living her life to the full and indulging her passion for horses. Choosing to work on the Equestrian scene, much of her time is spent in the stable yard, and from her early years onwards some of the situations in which she has found herself, and  reactions oftimes encountered, would possibly have been deemed far from funny…But this lady has learned to laugh at herself and at life, and in doing so now gives enjoyment to others in her writings. Her quick mind and witty repartee have resulted in not merely acceptance of her detriment, but the ability to rise above negative issues and turn them into satirical humour.  Emily has recounted some of her experiences in her first book “The Grey Matter”, which is far from any maudlin account of the pitfalls of  being deaf.  Quite the opposite.  It is light-hearted, fun to read, and gives a huge insight into her obviously warm and vibrant character.  Self-pity is nowhere in this lady’s curriculum, and her attitude is much to be admired.


Although a very private person who prefers to keep things that way, we do know that Emily is married, and from her writing it is obvious she is a great animal lover; the latter comes to the fore particularly in her ‘between-the-lines’ recounting of her relationship with her beloved horse.  


Emily’s jovial personality and the wonderful attitude she shows to the world in the face of her difficulties, hides a very courageous and warm soul, and we hope that having now had her very first book published, she will continue to write - as an encouragement and example to all. 

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