W. Scott Moore

During a career spanning three decades, Christian author Scott Moore, B.B.A., M.Div., D.Min. has served as bus minister, children's pastor, youth minister, associate pastor, mission pastor, and senior pastor. 

Scott has previously published three books with Eleos Press: "Dead Ends or Destiny? Seven Paths through the Wilderness Experiences of Life" (2012), "Supernatural Strategy: Discovering the Lost Key to Effective Evangelism" (2011), and "Uganda's Messianic Muslim: How Jesus Christ is Transforming the Life and Ministry of Nassan Ibrahim" (2011).

Just out, also with Eleos Press: a new series of Christian fables featuring Pastor Samuel "Sam" Anderson. The first book,"The Mystery of Mercy: It May Be Free..." is now available! The second book, "Partners in Planting: Starting and Staffing a New Testament Church" will be released by June 2012. 

Scott and his wife live in Alabama within a short driving distance from their three grown children and four granddaughters.

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