Yilmaz Guleryuz

YILMAZ GULERYUZ* is an adventurer from Antioch/Turkey, living in Oslo/Norway.

"YOGURT for Workplace Management" is his second book, harmonised with experiences and practical techniques.

His style is based on an adaptation of Musashi:
"Agile & Lean practices must be understood as though the practitioner himself had discovered them from his own mind. Learn about all of them, but never become fond of any." 

He is still hands-on coder/explorer, with experience in forming distributed teams ground-up till performing stage, and delivering software services and platforms.

He blogs, sometimes speaker of events, and writes books to evangelise better workplace culture blended with experiences and experimentations.
Living, working, and breathing with entrepreneurial lifestyle...


* Trivia: 'Guleryuz' (originally 'Güleryüz') means 'Smiling Face' in Turkish language. This surname was given to his grandfather, at early ages (1930s) of Republic of Turkey, as he was always smiling.

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