Track your book sales rank from your email from all different Amazon stores.

  • Email If Sales Rank Improves: Sends you an email only if Sales rank has improved.
  • Daily Email: Will send you 'Daily digest' about how your sales rank moved during each day.
  • Marketing Efforts: Will help you track whether your marketing efforts are working.
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The BookBuzzr Amazon Sales Rank Alert-tool comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 14 days of placing your order for a full refund.

Bookbuzzr Amazon Alerts

Get Notified whenever your book's rank improves on any Amazon store

Checking Amazon Sales Rank frequently can be a major time waster for most authors. BookBuzzr’s Amazon Alerts tool saves you from the time-wasting grip of continually checking the Amazon sales rank. It sends you an email alert ONLY if your sales rank has improved. You can thus stay focused on your activities without breaking your flow, wasting time or having to feel de-motivated if you see that your sales rank has nose-dived.

There are two types of BookBuzzr Amazon Alerts. You can choose either one or both of these alerts:

  • Daily Alerts: These emails arrive once a day and give you information about how your book’s sales rank has moved over the last 24 hours.
  • Hourly Alerts: These emails arrive every time there is an improvement in your sales rank. If your sale rank gets worse, you won’t receive an email.


Checking Amazon Sales Rank frequently can be a major time waster for you.
Tracking sales number for books from different Amazon stores is time-consuming and painful process.
Without immediate sales numbers, finding out what kind of book promotion activity works is difficult.


Our tool will help you save time. You will get an email when your book's Amazon sales rank improves.
You can track sales number from different Amazon stores at one go.
You will get a ‘daily digest’ email with information about how your sales rank moved during each day, thus helping you find which book promotion activity works.




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  • Scott Hunter

    Scott Hunter

    Author of Black December


    BookBuzzr Facebook Author Page Widget is like having a mini-website embedded into Facebook. It's all there: Bio, Video, links to social media and games, and best of all, the 'read free sample' application for each of my books. This feature makes it so easy to dive in and get reading as if . . . well, as if you're reading the actual book! Add to this an intuitive banner, colour and layout customization feature and you have a powerful new marketing tool to add to your Facebook account.

  • Rowena Cherry

    Rowena Cherry

    Author of Mating Net


    Every author with a book to sell should visit your site and create a mini e-book of a sample chapter or two. Your product is fantastic, and your people are wonderful.

  • Emma Ennis

    Emma Ennis

    Author of Red Wine and Words


    The BookBuzzr widget is an innovative tool that can add a little spark to your website, blog, email signature or Facebook fan page. It gives instant access to as much of your book as you wish - a tantalizing snippet, whole sections, or the book in its entirety. The widget is similar to the 'look inside' gadget on Amazon except with the BookBuzzr widget you have the control.

  • Dan Cohen

    Dr. Dan Cohen

    Author of Red Wine and Words


    The website and FB widgets are worth the monthly fee, any other benefits you derive are a bonus. The widgets are simple to setup and install, and they create a very professional and necessary addition to one's website and FB page.