Podcasting Essentials for Authors

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Podcasts have been around for a long time now; however in recent years more people have started to use them. Podcasting is an interesting new way for authors to reach out to their readers and fans. If you’re wondering how you can can use podcasting in your Book Marketing join us in our webinars on Podcasting for Authors this July.

****Important Note – (Access to the webinar recordings is only available to those who register for it beforehand and for BookBuzzr Author Pro subscribers. So, make sure you register for topics that interest you, even if you can’t make the date.)

Podcasting Essentials for Authors
Thursday, 21st July 8 PM EDT
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Have questions on Podcasting? What does it mean? How can it help you as an author? How do you create podcasts and more? Join us on 21st July, Thursday, 8:00 EDT as Shelley Hitz (entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant), Laurel Marshfield (developmental editor, ghostwriter, and owner of Blue Horizon Communications) and Lynn Serafinn (book promotion coach, bestselling author & creator of Spirit Authors) talk about podcasting and what it means to an author. They’ll share tips to create your own podcasts, tell you what should authors podcast about and even who should you podcast to. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your questions live to our panel!

Podcasting for Authors and Writers
Friday, 22nd July 9 AM GMT / 4 AM EDT
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In this webinar on Podcasting for Authors and Writers by Joanna Penn (Author and creator of the Author 2.0 Blueprint), you’ll learn:

• What is a podcast anyway?
• How a podcast can help sell books and the importance of know, like & trust when it comes to sales
• What topics can you do a podcast on?
• How to create and edit your podcast
• How to publish and market your podcast on iTunes, your blog and more

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