Six Gripping Mysteries

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Anthony Davis

Publisher : Delvirra Fantastic Books

ABOUT Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis
I.m an Electronics engineer, but now doing my own thing with solar energy. I had 2 books self published and 1 by a publisher. All are now out of print. My wife and I live on a 20 acre farm in St Arnaud Victoria Australia. We supply all our own power from solar, about 10,000Watts a day. I More...



 Do you like Science Fiction and Fantasy stories that engross you in each tale of mystery; then these stories will stretch your imagination to its limits. The stories are very different; there is humour, horror, and intrigue and adventure. Read the humorous tale involving American and British agents, pitting themselves against an evil villain out to control the world’s leaders, by using a Vampire serum. Learn of alien Androids, exporting humans to populate the galaxy. Delve into the life of the richest man ever to live, which only brings him untold problems. What did a professor find in the Australian gold-fields, were these things he found from the past or the future. A London lad finds the remains of a grotesque skeleton, which involves him and his friends finding out that aliens have been observing the Earth for hundreds of years. The last tale tells about the properties of a special sapphire, which can control time. These six novelettes will keep you reading, just to find the final outcome of these stories, all the best, and gripping reading, of the following titles. Vampire Serum Control, Faded Memories, Thief To Warrior, Time Mystery, Who Needs Money, The Time Sapphire.


In this vast universe the possibilites are endless these stories tell of events, which have probably already occured somewhere out there, in the expanse of space?