Reapers, Inc. - Dark Souls

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By B.L. Newport

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT B.L. Newport

B.L. Newport
Officially: B.L. Newport was born with a strong belief and sensitivity in the supernatural side of life. After growing up in the small Northwest Arkansas town of Siloam Springs, she has lived in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada. During these journeys, B.L. has discovered the joys of har More...


In the third installment of the "Reapers, Inc." series, nothing has been routine at the Reapers, Inc. office lately. Mama Dee has been in charge while Brigit recovered from injury. When she takes on a task that leads to more chaos, the Reapers are charged with cleaning up the mess. Aided by two Immortals, Brigit, John and the others must race to corral the dark souls that have escaped their fates in Hell before they can wreak havoc on the living.

This is the third installment to the "Reapers, Inc." series, chronicling the adventures of Brigit Malone, a young woman turned Grim Reaper's Assistant in order to keep a promise to her true love, Maggie, to be with her until the last breath...