The View from Suite 2100

General Fiction, Romance

By Peggy Love

Publisher : WOW

The View from Suite 2100

ABOUT Peggy Love

Peggy Love
Poet, playwright, novelist. Pen Name "Tess Allen"  in Romance/Suspense genre.


Rowena Wilkes has earned the exquisite view from her suite on the 21st floor in a DC business highrise. She's a self-made millionaire several times over, a savvy business woman whom all her friends and associates admire, but her romantic life is shaky, her lover's mother is a pill, if not psychotic, and the secret Rowena's hiding from everyone is about to rise up and bite her - big time!

Several years ago a group of up and coming young novelist decided to do an anthology. It was at a time when "chick lit" was just becoming a buzz word and the concept for our anthology was fresh and appealing. It quickly attracted the attention of a major agent at one of New York's most revered agencies and we thought we were on top of the world. Unfortunately, we were 5 different writers with 5 different directions and goals and one had landed a major independent deal and stepped away from the project, then another had a life style change and she too decided to abandon the project, and our too good to be true dream can crashing to earth...but it didn't burn. "The View from Suite 2100" was to have been my contribution to the anthology and though it sat on the shelf for several years feeling disjointed because it was no longer a part of the bigger work, it simply would not roll over and die. Last year I decided it was time to review, rewrite and give this cherished novella its own head. On February 23, 2012 it found its light of day. I hope you enjoy it!