The Rise and Fall of a Hustler

ABOUT Winter Giovanni

Winter Giovanni
Winter Giovanni, is a native of Norfolk, Virginia.  She is a single mother of five and currently seeking her bachelor's degree in Social Work at Norfolk State University and associate's degree at Thomas Nelson Community College.Ms. Giovanni started writing her first of three urban nov More...



Meet, goal driven, and smart. But what Mercedes has against her is that "weakness" for the benjamins, the dick, and yes-The Hustlers. Determined not to allow her past to get the best of her or become a product of it, she makes a vow to never catch feelings for nigga...ever! But living in the projects, a sistah's gotta do what a sistah's gotta do...fuck, suck, duck bullets while getting paid for the damn inconvenience! After her quiet life of getting her "nutts" off, Mercedes cuts into one of 757's biggest known hustlers name Polo, who rolls with DC's prime gangsta, not to mention paid up the ass, Rayful Edmonds. Polo invites her to their private party they're gonna be throwing and like a dummy, she accepted the invite and reminded herself to just say "no" to drug...dealers! Unbeknownst to her, Mercedes' life is about to change and for the worst!
“The Rise and Fall of a Hustler” is an extraordinary
urban tale of one woman‟s rise from the Ghetto to the
ill-gotten riches of the “Ghetto Fabulous”. Ms.
Giovanni‟s spins a tale that takes you into the dark
caverns of sex, drug lords, murder, and lots of “dead
presidents.” She touches on the secrets of a society and
its love, outcasts, and the betrayal that leads to
conspiracy, murder, and prison. A true page turner!”
-Dr. Pamela O‟Guinn, BET books