King of the South

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Alterick Gaston

Publisher : Infinity Publications

ABOUT Alterick Gaston

Alterick Gaston
Alterick Gaston is working on his junior novel which will be released by end of 2011.  He was released from Virginia Department of Corrections after doing 17years of incarceration.  He is currently traveling as a published author and motivational speaker for at risk youths.    


Ramon Baker, Jr. sets out to take over the illicit underworld in the Southside of Richmond, VA that his father once ruled with an iron fist.  Ramon soon finds himself playing a grown man's game where loyalty is rare and betrayal is ever present, all while finding himself engulfed in a love triangle involving his main chic Connie and an unexpected associate.  During his rise to the top and his quest for greatness, he finds that triple beam dreams are not always what they seem.  With the help a childhood friend and a new found mentor, he learns that you must believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.  It's a dirty game between crooked cops, haters, drug dealers, and cold blooded killers. The only rule to remember is that there are no rules in this deadly blood sport in the South of Richmond where Ramon attempts to reign as King of the South.