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Felix Timothy
The earliest I remember ever writing something that stirred emotions was way back in my sixth grad when I wrote an essay,part of a test and my English teacher made me re-write it. He was convinced I'd plagiarized the essay. Can you believe that!!!!For the record - I hadn't! I don't rea More...



Trey's wife, his wife's shrink and his attorney are shot dead as his ex-girlfriend Robin Ironside disappears from the ICU. The four of them knew about Ionshaker - a cutting edge nuclear arming and disarming software. In the meantime, Brett – the lead FBI detective pursuing Trey - the sole murder suspect for the murders, gets framed for two new murders as soon as he learns about Al Fakir - a suspected Al Qaeda off shoot that has stolen Ionshaker, and he’s forced to become a fugitive like Brett.                                                                     

No one knows what Al Fakir intends to use Ionshaker for, but creators of the software say, the country that possesses Ionshaker will have a global control over anything nuclear, from nuclear warheads to civilian nuclear-powered plants, at the click of a button and the fear is, Al Fakir might just use Ionshaker to attack a hostile country and start a nuclear war, or worst yet, use it to detonate American nuclear warheads on American soil. And as if that’s not all, reliable intel indicates that Ionshaker has been to Germany, then Russia with China also showing interest, its bidding price being trillions of dollars.                                                                                                                                              

Now, the president needs Trey (an ex CIA) and Brett (an ex FBI) to steal Ionshaker back from Al Fakir before they sell or duplicate it. Their mission is called IONSHAKER and its top secret, its urgent, its war against Al Fakir, simply put - its mission impossible.

We live in very volatile times, with countries rivaling each other to become the next superpowers and terrorists becoming more and more heinously creative. What if all of the world's nuclear power, from non-military civil power plants to lethal nuclear warheads could be controlled by a single software that could remotely detonate any nuke on the planet? And if that software was to be called Ionshaker, what would you expect if it was to fall in the wicked hands of terrorists? Lets give these terrorists a name, say - Al Fakir, What do you think Al Fakir would do with Ionshaker in their hands? Use it to make demands, start a random nuclear war perhaps? Do you by any chance live in America? If you do - what if they detonated several nuclear warheads and nuclear power-plants across America to kill copious amounts of people with the explosions and radiation? If you don't live in the U.S - what if the Al Fakir attacked your country with American nuclear warheads, how would you country react? And just assume for a minute that you're the U.S president at the time hoping to run for a second term - what would you do if Al Fakir took over your county's nuclear power? What if the only people who can help you stop Al Fakir are murder suspects and are on FBI's most wanted list, would you use them to stop the terrorists. If you did use them, what about the political ramifications? Would you put your career on the line? Really? Those are just but a few of the many scenarios that ran through my mind as I was writing Ionshaker and I do hope you'll love it!

Nuclear-Powered Thriller - “IONSHAKER by Timothy Felix is a tense thriller from the start. I really enjoyed this read and have to say that it's a page turner throughout with characters that effortlessly pull you deeper into the web of IONSHAKER. If you love a fast paced thriller then this is one to buy. Hats of to Timothy Felix! Can't give too much away to potential wouldn't be fair.” – Annie Frame, author of IMPRINT

A heart-Stopping, Action-Packed Thrill Ride! – “I felt the author has a great premise for the storyline and one can imagine how the device can be used to gain control over any country if they have it…I feel overall the author did an exceptional job with his novel.” – Kat

A worthwhile thriller – “Brimming with memorable characters, thrilling action shots, theories, titles, murder and more, Ionshaker is a quick-paced, heart thumping rollercoaster. Felix Timothy takes you on a ride from scene to scene, giving the reader glimpses to pull the clues from to determine who is responsible. If you enjoy reading mystery thrillers with a lot of chases, action and good detective work, give Ionshaker a try.” - Wendy Hines